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Music Go Music

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Music Go Music


Years Active: 2009 to present

Genre: pop / rock / disco

Country: United States


Kamer Maza
Gala Bell

Artist Bio:

From, Music Go Music have the simple syrup of pop extravagance running through their veins. These arena-sized songs are composed with such savage efficiency that you find yourself humming along before two bars have gone by. They are as assured and crafted as ABBA and ELOs best songs of 76, yet Music Go Music sounds fresh. Theyve exploded the formulas from the inside out, sounding like a hundred others and no one else. Light of Love is a true celebration of pop musics potential - laying a thin sheen of magic over the world around it, and making the tedious bits of the human experience a little less so. Thirty years ago these songs would have been recorded by coke-fueled session musicians and millionaire producers in Nassau or Stockholm for $5000 a day. They would have been performed in huge arenas and played in every mall as the soundtrack to the prom queens shopping spree. It was music made by the few for the very, very many. Thirty years on, it could only be re-imagined by a band whose members came of age playing music in the tradition of those that ended up killing it off: the punkers. Now that......[Read More]