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Oh, My Glory Days!

Oh, My Glory Days!

photo by: Arjun Chauhan location: Zurich, Switzerland

Oh, My Glory Days!

Years Active: 2006 to present

Genre: Experimental Indie Folk Rock

Country: United States


Devon Jones (Vocals/Guitar/Synth)

Artist Bio:

OMGD! was started around late 2006 in DC area. Originating as a lonesome solo artist that recently left a high maintenance death metal band, Devon Jones slowly worked his way into the indie music scene after the release of his low-fi first release "Love Sounds Lovely", which was recorded with a computer mic and a lazy summer. While diving deeper into experimental music practices and self-loathing in 2007-2008, he released his second album "Leaves, Trees". OMGD! is still on the scene, either playing underground music festivals, or pulling all nighters in a makeshift studio garage recording the next album "Suburblues".[Read More]