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Shiver Shiver

Shiver Shiver

Shiver Shiver

Years Active: 2007 to present

Genre: Indie-pop

Country: United States


Chase Thornburg (drums and voice)
Jordan Elsberry (voice and keys)

Artist Bio:

Emerging from the jazz scene of Omaha, Nebraska, Shiver Shiver breaks into the pop world in 2008. The band's debut album, Soulless Sex Appeal, fuses Jordan Elsberrys soulful voice and intricate keys with Chase Thornburgs clean, powerful drumming and rich vocals, creating a setting for the group's darkly cast lyrics. Together as Shiver Shiver, the two weave gorgeous harmonies, generating a record full of catchy and complex ditties. With standout tracks like "Julianna" and "Stop Lying," Shiver Shiver's signature style is rooted in the grandest of glam traditions. Elsberry and Thornburg, founders of Shiver Shiver, recorded with Omaha jazz mainstay UNSHUT when they were 19 and 20 years old (2005). That same year, they also recorded as a duo, "elsberry/thornburg: a nontet." The straight-ahead bebop release, new blood, featured Elsberry's jazz originals, and was recorded at Mile High Music in Denver, Colorado with first-call bassist Mark Simon. Following the recording of new blood, the duo parted ways while Thornburg explored drumming in Chicago and Elsberry concentrated on college. Playing gigs together on school breaks, the two explored new musical terrain and, after Thornburg's relocation to Omaha in June of 2007, began performing as Shiver Shiver. Its a privilege to produce the music weve been......[Read More]