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Years Active: 2005 to 2009

Genre: indie rock

Country: United Kingdom


Max Cooke
Chris Porter
JP Duncan
Leo von Blow-Quirk

Artist Bio:

For those who consider popular music these days to be largely inconsequential and ephemeral, we've good news: GoodBooks have arrived, and they bring with them much invigorating roughage. A young four piece who, like REM before them, blend vigorously unlinear melodies with an unusually thoughtful lyrical slant, they are a modern day rarity: an outfit to sit up and listen to. There is depth here, and plenty of it. The first few lines of their new single, Passchendaele, for example, go like this: Jack was born towards the end of the 19th century/He married his sweetheart at the age of 23/Shortly before the birth of their first child/He answered the call of duty. The song, named after one of the bloodiest battles of WWI, then goes on to tell the story of Jacks brief tenure in the army, which ends, in crushing predictability, with his death two years later, a bitter denouement that befell so many throughout 1914-18. The song finishes 20 years later with Jacks son meeting a similar fate in WWII with world leaders professing, Never again. I felt that the themes expressed were as pertinent now as they were then, says singer Max Cooke, in......[Read More]



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